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The best part of being in the kitchen is the chance to savor delicious aromas brought by delectable foods being prepared. These delicious aromas are indeed an enticing part of good cooking, but unfortunately along with this are the unpleasant rudiments that are inevitably produced in the course of cooking like moisture, grease, odors, and heat from stove-top food preparation that will for sure dent the adjacent areas. These grime elements do not only contribute to unpleasant smell, marking and uncomfortable working area, but will also increase the risk of fire and other hazards.

Kitchen Ventilation Systems and its installation in that event, comes on top of the list. It is mostly important as COMMERCIAL KITCHEN VENTILATION (CKV) SYSTEM will be of assistance in getting rid of the excess heat produced in cooking, and likewise to provide a comfy working environment for your kitchen staff.

More than that, the system also takes out humidity, grease, particulates and other cooking by-products from the kitchen environment. Alongside, the system helps in maintaining a balance of airflow within itself, and with the rest of the restaurant. And finally, it also serves as an integral component for kitchen fire detection and suppression.

As simple as how these basic requirements may appear, the design of an effective and efficient CKV system is anything but simple or easy – it is indeed complex, that it will surely require professional assistance from knowledgeable team who knows how the system works from all its toss and turns.

Firstly, there is a range of design codes required by local building authorities, health departments, fire departments, insurance companies and such that the system needs to conform with. Subsequently, there are also demands to be imposed on the changes on CKV system due to daily cooking demands, and with daily and seasonal climate changes.

Simply said, it is not a job that can be individually done as it will require professional aid. Accordingly, restaurant owners better hire the service of CKV design professional in their goal of designing a compliant CKV system or even in modifying one.

WCTSYSTEMS (S) PTE LTD is a perfect choice for this need. The responsibility for maintaining the system, however and ensuring its cost-efficient and safe operation falls squarely on the shoulders of WCTSYSTEMS (S) PTE LTD And that requires a fundamental knowledge of how the system works.

WCTSYSTEMS (S) PTE LTD is not only able to design and fabricate the CKV but is also able to adjust it exactly to the requirements of its customers. Through years of experience WCTSYSTEMS (S) PTE LTD is able to assist their valued clients in any problem they might be facing with their CKV.

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