posted by: JULY 3, 2015

As in in most advanced countries in the Singapore, there are required objectives for perfect kitchen ventilation systems based on global parameters or international standards. An effective system should achieve relevant goals or objectives.

The kitchen exhaust system should remove excess hot air and infuse cool and clean air to ensure a healthful and comfortable environment. Moreover, is should ensure that the air movement in the kitchen does not cause suffocation and discomfort at the same time providing enough air for complete combustion at fired appliances. In this case, the risk of accumulating carbon dioxide would be prevented.

Some kitchen hoods now use the recirculation method, which cleans the air and returns it into the kitchen. This method is used if there is no way to push the air outside through a chimney system from the cooker canopy.

There are several kinds of filtering systems related to kitchen ventilations systems. The most common types of grease filters used in professional kitchens are: water-based filtering system, cyclonic filtering system, ultra-violet filters and TurboSwing.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning in Singapore is quite easy by contacting WCT (S) SYSTEMS Singapore. Cleaning and degreasing should be regular to avoid the disdainful build-up of fat residues and blocked air inlets which lead to loss of efficiency and increase risk of fire. Even if the duct system is located outside the kitchen, cleaning must be thorough and regular. Kitchen exhaust duct cleaning should not be ignored.

Regular maintenance of the kitchen hood exhaust systems, kitchen exhaust fan repair also require expertise and holistic concern being provided by a reliable ventilation system supplier like WCT (S) SYSTEMS Singapore.

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