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When you are a “kitchen person”, you tend to encounter hassles and potentially dangerous problems or much more appropriately called as concerns that cannot be solved with simple means. These issues seem to appear as independent and parallel problems but as a matter of fact they are rooted from a single overlooked condition, which is improper ventilation system.

Surprisingly, the Kitchen ventilation system is the lone answer to the many problems you’d wish to be relieved from as soon as possible.

Humid environment

Of course if the air is stuck in a closed area, there is a tendency to cause a humid condition within the room. This is particularly can cause the body to feel more exhausted which in turn hinder work efficiency. Plus, who wants to work in a hot and humid environment?

The ventilation system will specifically fritter away the steam and heat out to the open space and bring back the air taken elsewhere from which a good air circulation is observed.

Health issues

The air might not be seen but it can show if it’s contaminated through our other senses like our sense of smell. The grease have a distinct nasty odour that sticks through the air. Contaminated air can be a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria. In addition, it can trigger asthma and other respiratory discomfort.

The filtration function of the ventilation system will do the job in capturing fumes, and hazardous gases and consequently getting rid of the vapour laden with grease and purifying the air.

Fire hazards

Frying is one of the most basic method in cooking done in kitchen. The oil and fats cooked over heat produces vapors that carry greases. Done repeatedly, this may cause the grease to form thick layers on walls and other areas in the kitchen that when brought into contact with flare can cause a bigger fire and possibly become dreadful. It may not be directly giving discomfort for us but this poses a serious problem for each and every one of us.

Kitchen ventilation system prevents this from happening by restraining the accumulated fumes in a fire resistant vents which will contain the fire in a single area. The fire hazards are also avoided with regular maintenance, exhaust repair and cleaning or degreasing.

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