posted by: FEBRUARY 20, 2014

Regular maintenance of kitchen exhaust system is one of the primary defenses against fire hazards, furthermore it will produce a cleaner, cooler kitchen and working environment for the employees. Ventilation fans with no maintenance will inturn result in a shorter lifespan of the ventilation motor due to the excessive grease & dirt accumulating on the load.

So do not hesitate and inspect your kitchen exhaust today! Call us for a FREE and NON-OBLIGATED General Assessment of your kitchen ventilation system and receive a FREE Analysis Report of your ventilation system.

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We are always on 24/7-Standby with operation-ready maintenance services for kitchen exhaust ventilation systems. Exclusively just for you; our valued clients.

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For Your Peace of Mind – From Design, Build, to Maintain, we ensure every single design and installation is compliant with Singapore BizSafe Standards’ regulations.

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Having our own brands of products, you know there is only one stop for all your queries. We cover all problems that arise with components and spare parts, like electric motors, both MV fans and parts, and control panels in hoods.

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Because we take our work very seriously, we make sure that we are involved from A to Z. No third parties are involved from the designing, to the manufacturing, to production and to setup. So you can be assured all our services are by trained professionals.

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We understand each customer will have different need and requirement. That is why all our systems are specialized and customizable to suit your needs.