WCT (S) Systems Pte. Ltd. – Design, Build & Maintain

Henry Hoo has been in the Logistics business for almost 10 years and eventually converted to Racking & Renovation services since 2011. A couple years later in 2017, he ventured into Kitchen Exhaust & Ventilation services due to evolving business objectives.

Over the years, Henry has gained good experiences and exposures in SCDF, NEA as well as BCA regulations, allowing him to have the necessary knowledge about metals, stainless materials and Kitchen Exhaust and Ventilation systems.

With the combination of these skill sets and a passion to constantly offer innovative and effective solutions, it enables him to carefully Design, Build and Maintain the concept and built of a Kitchen Exhaust and Ventilation system. Under his lead, the company inspires to create value for our customers, providing tailored & professional solutions to all their needs.

Why WCT (S) Systems?

In this time and age, convenience and speed are all that matter. And that are exactly what matter to us, too. At your convenience. Whenever you want.

We’ve always understood the importance to be the only service provider you will ever need. Which is why, we take it to ourselves to ensure all our products are only specifically designed, crafted, built, and maintained by us. Having our own brands of products, you know there is only one stop for all your queries.

Our Mission

Working as a team, we function as a body that moves in sync with the same vision. We have always hold ourselves as a movement that stands on integrity and our utmost importance is making sure every customer is satisfied with our service. We want to be the provider, which is the most efficient and convenient to you.

Our Vision

We want every client to be our long-term partners, which is why it is important to us to provide you with only the highest service quality that meets levels of compliance and satisfaction so you could continue to believe in our sincerity in building a long-term business partnership with you.

Our Drive

While we have accomplished several huge commercial projects successfully, we still hold ourselves responsible to what you value. This drives us to constantly offer innovative and effective solutions to all needs and requirements.


Here at WCT, we’re always responsive and ready to serve!

24/7 Fast Response

We are always on 24/7-Standby with operation-ready maintenance services for kitchen exhaust ventilation systems. Exclusively just for you; our valued clients.

One Stop Service

For Your Peace of Mind – From Design, Build, to Maintain, we ensure every single design and installation is compliant with Singapore BizSafe Standards’ regulations.

Our Own Brand

Having our own brands of products, you know there is only one stop for all your queries. We cover all problems that arise with components and spare parts, like electric motors, both MV fans and parts, and control panels in hoods.

In-house Engineering Capability

Because we take our work very seriously, we make sure that we are involved from A to Z. No third parties are involved from the designing, to the manufacturing, to production and to setup. So you can be assured all our services are by trained professionals.

Specialized & Customizable System

We understand each customer will have different need and requirement. That is why all our systems are specialized and customizable to suit your needs.